Graduate Certificate in Aging, Health, and Society

Graduate Certificate in Aging, Health, and Society

Department of Sociology
College of Arts and Sciences


The Aging, Health, and Society Program (formerly the Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program) prepares students for careers requiring graduate-level knowledge and skills in areas relating to aging populations and their health in contemporary society. The program emphasizes knowledge about the sociological and related processes of normal aging coupled with a focus on the variety of social factors that influence health outcomes. Theory, research and professional career preparation are emphasized, as is knowledge and understanding of public policies that pertain to older populations in general and the delivery of health care in particular.

 The Graduate Certificate can be completed in either one or two years. It is designed to develop or supplement aging-related knowledge and skills for (1) students in other master's degree programs; (2) students "testing the waters", that is, who are considering but do not yet want to commit to a master's degree program; (3) employees who desire a graduate credential, but who do not want or need a master's degree; (4) others with a personal or professional interest in aging and elders.

Graduates of the program when it was named Gerontology have found jobs in both the public and private sectors, ranging from direct work with older persons to managerial or administrative positions. The program is approved by the NC Division of Health Service Regulation to offer the Administrator-in-Training Program for students enrolled in the certificate program who want to obtain assisted living facility administrator licensure.

The Graduate Certificate program can be completed 100% online so students can schedule coursework and assignments around their job, family and other obligations. There is no requirement to be logged on at a particular day or time, nor is there any online course requirement to come to the main campus. There are elective courses, however, that are offered only on campus if a student decides to choose one of those.

For more information on this program, contact:

David Russell

Sociology Graduate Program Director

Phone: 828-262-6391