Materials Relevant to Retention, Promotion, and Tenure

The DPC (Department Personnel Committee) considers the following to be basic to its deliberations. However, it should be noted that all of the following information may not be applicable in every case.

  • A statement to the DPC presenting a rationale for and summary of the reasons for retention, promotion, or tenure.
  • A current professional vita. Publications listed must be complete and in proper form.
  • Evidence to support: a. Teaching effectiveness, b. Research - Publications, c. University Service, d. Community and/or regional service
  • Any other material that would be helpful to the committe in its deliberations.

If a faculty member desires, he or she may request to appear before the DPC and may ask anyone to speak to the DPC on his or her behalf.

Any clarification of the above criteria should be requested from the departmental chairperson.