Study Abroad Universal Healthcare & Neoliberalism

This faculty-led study abroad program will provide three weeks to study inequality and healthcare abroad. Drs. Schulhoff and Thames will team teach two courses that focus on examining the differences between American approaches to social inequalities and healthcare and those found in Western Europe. Both courses will rely on the hands-on experiences offered through the study abroad program, including visits to international hospitals, museums, walking tours, and other historical sites within Ireland, Scotland, and England to help students gain a more thorough understanding the differences of healthcare systems within the United States and abroad.

Study Abroad 2019 Trip Dates:coastline

May 9 – 10: Pre-trip Orientation  

May 18 - June 7: Time in Ireland, Scotland, and England

June 12, & 17-28: Classroom time 

Countries Visited:

Ireland, Scotland, and England

Courses Available: 

SOC 4530 - Inequality and The Neoliberal Welfare State

SOC 4549 - Cross-Cultural Comparison of University Healthcare


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