Anastacia Schulhoff, Ph.D.

Courses Taught


Race & Ethnicity

Health Inequalities

Sociology of Adult Development and Aging


Research Interests

Gerontology/Aging Studies                            Narrative Identity

Qualitative Methods                                       Culture and Society

Ethnography/Digital Ethnography                 Social Inequalities                  

Race & Ethnicity                                            Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples   


Personal Website


Recent Publications

Teti, Michelle and Schulhoff, Anastacia 2018. “Art for Health: Using Photo-Stories and Fiction Writing to Decrease HIV Stigma” (forthcoming in American Journal of Public Health).

Schulhoff, Anastacia 2015. “More than Native American Narratives: Temporal Shifting and Authentic Identities.” Narrative Inquiry 25(1): 166-183.


Schulhoff, Anastacia M. 2008. “Wired Truth: The Symbolic Interaction Exchange of Socially Constructed Realities.” International Journal of Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach 2:184.


Works in Progress:

Schulhoff, Anastacia and Teti, Michelle. “Photovoice and Fiction Writing as Pedagogical Approaches when Teaching Health Science Majors” (Submitted to Health Education Journal).

Schulhoff, Anastacia. “Grandparents Legitimizing "The Native American" Identity: Identity Narratives of Belonging” (Submitted to Narrative Works).

Schulhoff, Anastacia. 2018. “Bring Our Elders Home to “Heal” the Reservations Ills: Narratives of Native American Elder Identities in Tribal Nursing Homes” (under preparation for submission to the Journal of Aging Studies).

Schulhoff, Anastacia 2018. Social Problems Warriors: Native American Elder Identities on Tribal Nursing Homes Websites and Facebook Pages.

Schulhoff, Anastacia 2018. Family as a Discursive Anchor in Tribal Nursing Homes.


Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Sociology

Email address: Email me

Office address
223B Chapell Wilson Hall


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