2015 Senior Seminar Capstone Projects!

During the Spring semester of 2015, several sociology seniors created a set of research-based capstone projects that fully represent the talents and abilities of budding sociologists. As directed by Dr. Beth Davison, students were able to pick innovative ways to tackle a topic and do original research. Some students chose to work with local agencies to help do assessment research or create documentaries to explore or explain important social phenomena. Others developed documentaries that gave explanations of recent social issues or even explained important tenets of sociological knowledge. Below, you can click a number of these projects to see just how these students used sociology to produce stellar senior capstone projects. 

Student Research Reports

Daniela Herrera. "Economic Hardships Latinos Face in Rural Areas." (PDF, 629 KB)

William Ward. "The Sociology Club Report." (PDF, 859 KB)

 Student Documentaries and PSAs

Alexis Award and Shelly Conneran. Social Status. - A video explaining the sociological concepts of social status and roles. 

Brianna Brown. Mass Incarceration. - A Documentary on the factors creating mass incarceration in the U.S. 

Teresa De Castro, Hunger and Health Coalition Project- A PSA on a local non-profit organization working with poverty.

Autumn Elledge. Ashe County Partnership for Children. - A PSA on a local non-profit organization working with children in Ashe County. 

Faith A. Morey, I Was Here. - A Documentary on drag queens and their lives.

Sydni Wilson. Community Care Clinic.- A PSA on a local non-profit organization focusing on health care. 

Published: Jul 20, 2015 12:59pm