Alumna Destiny Warne Applies Sociology to Her Work with the Girl Scouts of the USA

After graduating from Appalachian State in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and concentration in families and intimate relationships, Destiny Warne has found that sociology impacts her daily routines while working for Girl Scouts of the USA. While at Appalachian State, Warne was a top student in the sociology program and was able to develop her critical thinking, research, and communication skills before going off into the job market. She also successfully completed an internship with Hospitality House that helped her to learn about how to work with diverse populations in rural areas. She also worked with the Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont summer camp throughout her academic career. In 2019, she was able to obtain a full time position with this program and serves as an Outdoor Experience Coordinator. 

In this position, Warne is busy managing the summer camp experience, providing support to program managers, volunteers, and troops in the outdoor program, and creates marketing materials and online resources to showcase the programs offered by the organization. Warne believes that sociology really helped her with this position. As she stated, "I feel that my degree in sociology has given me the compassion needed to work in a customer service industry. I use a lot of the skills I learned from my Research Methods classes in pulling data and distributing information about patterns that I’ve found in our data from past years. My knowledge of theories regarding people’s backgrounds has helped me understand how to approach families and children of varying demographics."

Warne is particularly happy that she has been able to marry her love for sociology and her career in the Girl Scouts. She also sees the value of research in her day-to-day work and how it can help her staff, volunteers, and Girl Scouts get the most out of their outdoor experiences. And, as she notes, "You don’t have to find a job within the field of sociology to successfully use your degree. Sociology is highly applicable to many jobs and gives you a great base knowledge in any field."

The Department of Sociology congratulates Destiny Warne on her success and wishes her the best success for the future!

Destiny Warne
Published: Feb 26, 2020 8:55am