Dr. Anastacia Schulhoff Published Article on the Pedagogical Use of Photovoice in the Classroom

Dr. Anastacia Schulhoff, along with colleagues from the University of Missouri – Columbia, recently published a pedagogical article examining the effectiveness of using “photovoice”  and fiction writing as ways to challenging student perceptions of HIV/AIDS.  These qualitative data collection techniques are unique in that they allow a respondent to catalog their views and responses to events or behaviors in creative ways, which often leads to more participation and more genuine responses. In this study, the authors found that these techniques helped students better understand the lives of people living with HIV. It also helped to display myths and stereotypes that could lead to health professions students better understanding their future patients. The article's title is, "Exploring the Use of Photo-Stories and Fiction Writing to address HIV Stigma among Health Professions Students," and was published in Qualitative Health Research journal. 

Published: Aug 29, 2018 8:48am