Dr. Cameron Lippard serves as President-Elect for NCSA!

Dr. Cameron Lippard recently was elected as the President-Elect for the North Carolina Sociological Association (NCSA). The NCSA is a professional development and networking association of academic and applied sociologists in North Carolina and students of sociology. This organization was founded in 1969 by Joseph Himes and other sociologists throughout the state as a means of bringing together sociologists who were working in a variety of settings, both academic and applied. The founders of the NCSA were particularly concerned to provide a meeting place for those sociologists who might otherwise find themselves isolated in one-person departments located in smaller liberal arts colleges or community colleges. The annual meetings have provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues affecting the discipline rather than just as a place to present papers and research. Throughout its history, the association has encouraged and nurtured student sociologists by including their work in the sessions of its annual meetings and by honoring outstanding student papers with an annual award.

As President-Elect, Dr. Lippard will be responsible in organizing the NCSA annual meeting, which has tentatively been scheduled for April 2, 2014 in Charlotte, NC. He also hopes to increase membership and to continue the great traditions of the organization of highlighting student and professional research in North Carolina. If you have interest in becoming a member or participating in the next annual meeting, please feel free to contact Dr. Cameron Lippard via email (lippardcd@appstate.edu) or phone (828-262-6396). 

Published: Jul 13, 2013 1:14pm