Dr. Felicia Arriaga Interviewed on Immigration and Local Elections

Dr. Felicia Arriaga was interviewed by WUNC 91.5, North Carolina Public Radio.  In North Carolina, some voters are weighing in on an issue that has a big impact on immigrant families. The 287(g) program allows local law enforcement officials to partner with immigration agents. Six counties in North Carolina currently have 287(g) agreements: Cabarrus, Gaston, Henderson, Mecklenburg, Nash, and Wake counties. The program has become a hot topic in several of North Carolina’s County Sheriff’s races. 

Arriaga was interviewed as an expert on 287(g) agreements and her research on the program in North Carolina. She pointed out the history of this program in North Carolina and how it is shaping local politics, particularly local sheriff races in this year's gubernatorial elections. To hear the discussion and read the article, use the following link to the  WUNC 91.5 recording

ICE Arrest
Published: Nov 6, 2018 8:06am