Dr. Lamont Receives University Research Council Grant to Pursue Her Research

New assistant professor, Dr. Ellen Lamont, received a University Research Council Grant for her current book project, The Mating Game:Women, Men, and Courtship in an Era of Gender Upheaval. Her research uses in-depth interviews to examine how gender shapes women's and men's courtship experiences and narratives and how, in turn, these experiences affect egalitarian outcomes in romantic relationships. In order to build on her previously completed interviews with 80 men and women, Ellen will use the grant money to travel to San Francisco this summer to expand her sample by interviewing gay and lesbian men and women on their courtship experiences. This will allow her to extend her analysis of how same-sex couples date, as well as help illuminate our understanding of how gender functions more broadly in romantic relationships provided challenges to the assumption of distinct gendered behaviors in romantic relationships.

Published: Jan 12, 2015 9:36am