Heritage or Hate?: The Confederate Battle Flag in the 21st Century

With the recent shooting deaths of 9 African Americans in Charleston, citizens against racism rallied once again to take down the Confederate Battle Flag flying at South Carolina's State Capital Building. While some see this flag as a symbol of southern heritage, others view its use as a clear sign of racial apartheid and hatred. Associate Professor of Sociology, Dr. Cameron Lippard, will present the various meanings and controversies surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag in 21st century America. He will also highlight the current debate and link it back to the flag's use locally and globally as a symbol of rebellion, hate, and heritage across social politics and media. Dr. Lippard's presentation will be on November 19th at 6pm in 114 Belk Library. 

Dr. Cameron Lippard
Published: Oct 26, 2015 10:23am