Lauren Marvel: Assistant District Attorney and Guest Speaker for ASU's Walk for Awareness

Meet Lauren Marvel. Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a concentration in Legal Studies. Lauren worked hard at App State, receiving College and Department Honors while holding a 4.0 GPA. She also participated in some exciting on- and off-campus experiences including her internship with OASIS, the local intimate violence shelter.

After App State, she earned her law degree from Villanova University School of Law and became an Assistant District Attorney at the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office in Pennsylvania. As a new prosecutor, she handles a variety of lower-level hearings, such as probation violations and preliminary hearings, but assists more experienced ADAs in serious cases. In the spring of 2016, she served as second chair for a rape trial and Lauren just resolved her first case, which was for animal cruelty.

Lauren attributes reaching her professional goals to her Sociology degree from ASU. She found her passion for fighting violence against women in her Gender and Sexual Deviance and Violence classes. She put that passion to work with an internship with OASIS because of her mentorship with Dr. Page and ASU's internship program. Classes like Race and Minority Relations, Sexual Deviance and Violence, Criminology, and Sociological Theory prepared Lauren for the rigors of law school while giving her the perspective needed to be a good prosecutor. Here is what she had to say about the benefits of a sociology degree: 

As ministers of justice, prosecutors serve everyone: victims, defendants, and the community, a degree in Sociology not only makes you qualified to pursue this field, it gives you the sociological perspective you need in order to do justice. Students who are interested in becoming prosecutors should immerse themselves in courses about race, gender, and economic equality. They should take every opportunity they can find to serve people who need advocacy. Those practical experiences will make you stand out in the application process, and they will set you apart in your profession.

Lauren Marvel will be back on campus this coming Tuesday (8/30 @ 9 pm  Sanford Mall) to be the guest speaker for the 27th annual Walk for Awareness at App State. Come and hear some inspirational words of wisdom on how you can challenge violence in your community from a person who fights for justice every day.


Lauren Marvel
Published: Aug 29, 2016 3:23pm