New Lecturer in the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology would like to welcome Kristen Rushin as a one-year temporary lecturer. Kristen earned her Master of Arts in the Social Sciences (with concentrations in History and Sociology) from Appalachian State University in the Spring of 2000. She has enjoyed teaching a variety of courses at both Appalachian State University and Lees-McRae College and particularly appreciates the opportunities for one-on-one conversations with her students.

As a historian and sociologist, Kristen is particularly passionate about understanding how social change happens over time and loves to watch students begin to use their sociological imagination to ask critical questions about the world around them." Her classes for this Fall include two courses of the SOC 1000 Sociological Perspective and two of SOC 2850 Constructions of Gender. 

Published: Aug 28, 2013 12:45pm