Parenting Study

Overview of the Study

"Greater Expectations" is a scholarly study about contemporary heterosexual couples who are co-parenting young children (i.e., prior to kindergarten). By interviewing both men and women in the same families and relationships, we learn about men's and women's hopes and frustrations--for their careers, for their partnerships, and for their children--and how couples arrive at and feel about their specific balances between paid work and childrearing work.

If you'd like to participate...

  • Email to set up an interview date and time.
  • Interviews take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • We typically ask families (Mom, Dad and children) to arrive at the Children's Playhouse in Boone (400 Tracy Circle) around 5pm on a weekday evening that works best for your family. We schedule the date several weeks in advance.
  • Once you arrive, your child will play (for free) with a Playhouse staff member while we talk about your parenting experiences.

ASU Parenting Study Research Team

  • Beth Latshaw, PhD (Sociology)
  • Martha McCaughey, PhD (Sociology)
  • Neva Specht, PhD (History)
  • Stephanie Hale (Graduate Research Assistant, I-O HRM)

This study has been approved by the Human Subjects: Institutional Review Board at Appalachian State University (IRB Study #09-0166).

Published: Nov 30, 2012 9:17am