Public Sociology at its Best: Dr. Ellen Lamont and Cosmo Magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine coverPick up this month's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine to see what Ellen Lamont, an assistant professor of sociology, has to say about millennials and relationship progression.  In "Why You Need to Have The (Mini) Talk," Lamont draws on her research on gender and dating, discussing how millennials are taking new approaches to the "Define the Relationship" talk. As Lamont explains, "There's this push among millennials to be a bit more casual about relationships. In my field research, I find people have all kinds of smaller talks with their partners about whether they're exclusive or what their label is.... Millennials seem to prefer exploring their options when they start seeing each other - not because they only want to hook up, but because they reject the idea of putting constraints on dating." However, as Lamont argues, women should challenge the cultural script that they should "wait to be asked," and should instead be upfront with men about what they want from their relationships, rather than relying on men to dictate the trajectory. 

Cosmo Article
Published: May 13, 2016 1:04pm