Taylor Boyd: Changing Student Lives with Sociology

Meet Taylor Boyd. Taylor graduated from App State with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Social Inequalities. Before graduating in the Fall of 2014, Taylor took on a great internship with ASU Housing where he worked on a number of projects to assist students in successfully transitioning into the college atmosphere. He even got to apply his research skills and help produce assessments of violence and alcohol use on campus.

Currently, Taylor is pursuing a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) at Grand Valley State University on the western coast of Michigan. As Taylor moves into his final semester of his graduate program he has hopes of obtaining a job in Student Affairs. Student Affairs often referred to as higher education is a combination of professional staff members and administrators who educate students enrolled in colleges or universities. In collaboration with faculty (inside of the classroom teaching), student affairs administrators foster growth, development, engagement, and involvement outside of the classroom in the co-curricular realm.

Taylor's background in Sociology from Appalachian State University has prepared him in a number of ways to develop and foster student growth in college. Taylor's internship for degree completion was in a student affairs department at Appalachian State University sparking his interest in the career field. Additionally, the three overarching theoretical perspectives of sociology (1) Symbolic Interactionism (2) Conflict Management and (3) Functionalism prepared Taylor to not only interact and foster relationships with others, but have also guided his practice and work inside the classroom as he continues to build on research interest rooted in sociological issues. For example, Taylor is currently working on his thesis which focuses on Black males and their experiences with stereotypes in college.

Taylor has a passion for learning and aspires to impact students and enact change on an institutional level. His previous work with colleges and universities has taken him across the south eastern portion of the United States as he has worked at a total of five institutions ranging from 12,000 – 52,000 students. His depth of knowledge within the collegiate realm has sparked interest in areas related to Black male collegians, research methods and assessment, accreditation, and the evaluation of institutional programs and initiatives. Therefore as Taylor beings his job search in the coming months, he hopes to obtain a job at an accredited institution working in one of the areas of interest listed above.

For those interested or looking to obtain a career in student affairs, or simply further their education in the field of sociology, it is important to surround yourself with likeminded and hardworking individuals. Moreover, finding a mentor with similar or shared interest is a vital part of a young professional's growth and development. Appalachian State University's Sociology Department helped Taylor find his, and can surely help the next wave of young professionals find a strong supportive mentor as well. Please contact the Department of Sociology on how you can become a leader just like Taylor!

Taylor Boyd
Published: Oct 11, 2016 10:32am