Variations on a Theme: Sociology through the Arts

Melissa Edd is an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major who believes that social inequality is something to sing about. Using the sociological knowledge she received in several courses within the Department of Sociology, Melissa decided to compose a song focusing on political correctness and inequality for her IDS senior capstone portfolio. Click on the following link to hear this composition: 

Here are the words to see what she is traying to state:

"You play like a girl" but who says that anymore?
"And you talk so white" so I guess my skins inferior to yours
I don't have money for hundred dollar sandals so I guess that makes me poor
...Don't look at me that way, I'm just saying all the things that you ignore.

Where is this war on Christianity when there's a church on every corner, every street?
When Its completely deemed appropriate to discuss with every person that you meet.
So wear you suit and tie and little cotton dresses to think you're better than me.
And say your prayers at night, then writhe in you hypocrisy

Everybody's equal or is that just something that way say?
We're all so calm, collected when injustice happens every day.
We live in a society where it matters if you're straight or gay,
but what are we still fighting for, when no one cares to listen anyway?

Nothing hurts me more than someones unique differences be exposed
In a way demeaning to who they are when you don't know
"Diversity" is more than just a pin on your bookbag or club you can join. 
Its the art of learning to see out of your perspective.
Its the art of learning to see privilege and oppression.
Its the art of caring about issues when they don't always apply to you.
Its the art of knowing who you are and what you can do.

Everyone's convinced of this delusion of equality that they're so damned offended when confronted with reality
"But It doesn't matter because its never happened to me,
so take all your political correctness and please let me be"

As you can see, sociology can come in many forms and we congratulate Melissa on her composition of social awareness!

Music Head
Published: May 12, 2016 9:26am