War in Europe: Sociology 2017 Study Abroad Opportunity!

WAR in EUROPE!: Travel to Germany, Italy, and Spain to Understand the Consequences of War and Fascism.

This interdisciplinary program offered by History and Sociology gives students 6s.h. of credit studying the causes and consequences of war in Europe. While traveling through Spain, Germany, and Italy, students will learn about the impacts of two world wars and the rise and fall of fascism through the exploration of various historic sites, museums, and cultural exchanges. Extended excursions included in this trip are: visiting Franco's Madrid, the Valley of the Fallen, and the Prado Museum, Guernica and Bilbao, the Hofbrauhaus where the Nazi party began, Nuremberg's Nazi Parade Grounds and the site of the Nuremberg Trials, Dachau Concentration Camp, Hitler's Eagle Nest nestled in the Alps, and finally, the envisioned cities of Mussolini in Venice and Rome!

Use the following website to find out more information on how to sign up! (War in Europe!). You can also contact Dr. Cameron Lippard for more information (lippardcd@appstate.edu). Registration is now up and only has 24 spots; so, don't hestitate! 

Published: Aug 1, 2016 2:51pm