Cameron Lippard, Ph.D.

 Courses Taught

  • Social Problems in American Society
  • Constructions of Gender
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Wealth, Power, and Privilege
  • Sociology of War
  • Research Methods I and II
  • Senior Seminar
  • Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

Research Interests

  • Latino Incorporation into the American South
  • Latino Barriers to Health Care
  • Nativism and Racism in Post-Race America
  • Economic Disparities among Latino Migrant Workers

Recent Publications


Lippard, Cameron D. and Seth Cohen. 2016. "More than Just Beer: The Pedagogy of Fermentation Sciences." Technical Quarterly, 5(3): 169-178.

Lippard, Cameron. 2016. "Playing the 'Immigrant Card': Reflections of Color-blind Rhetoric within Southern Attitudes on Immigration." Social Currents (DOI: 10.1177/2329496515604640).

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Lyubansky, Mikhail, Paul A. Harris, William E. Baker, and Cameron D. Lippard. 2013. “One Day on the Red Hills of Georgia”: The Effects of Immigration Status on Latino Migrants’ Experience of Discrimination, Utilization of Public Services, and Attitudes toward Acculturation.” Norteamérica, 8: 85-117.

Ghoshal, Raj Andrew, Cameron D. Lippard, Vanesa Ribas, and Kenneth Muir. 2013. "Beyond Bigotry: Teaching about Unconscious Prejudice." Teaching Sociology 41(2): 130-143.

Lippard, Cameron D. and Jammie Price. 2011."Latino Health Care in Southern Appalachia: A Community-Engaged Examination." Journal of Applied Social Science 5(2): 66-87.

Lippard, Cameron. D. and Amy Dellinger Page. 2011. "Driving While Non‐White: Exploring Traffic Stops and Post‐Stop Activities in North Carolina, 2005‐2009." Sociation Today. 9 (2).

Lippard, Cameron D. 2011. "Racist Nativism in the 21st Century." Sociology Compass, 5 (7): 591-606.


Gallagher, Charles and Cameron Lippard. eds. 2014. Race and Racism in the United States: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia4 Volumes. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Press.

Lippard, Cameron D. and Charles A. Gallagher. eds. 2011. Being Brown in Dixie: Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Immigration in the New South. Boulder, CO: First Forum Press.

Lippard, Cameron D. 2008. Building Inequality: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in the Atlanta Construction Industry. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Publishing.

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Sociology

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Phone: (828) 262-6396

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228C Chapell Wilson Hall


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