Ellen Lamont, Ph.D.

Courses Taught

  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Families
  • Sociology of Intimate Relationships
  • Women, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System

Research Interests

  • Gender and Family
  • Dating and Courtship


Recent Publications

Lamont, Ellen.  2019, The Mating Game: How Gender Still Shapes How We Date. University of California Press.

shuster, stef, and Ellen Lamont. "Sticks and Stones Break Our Bones, and Words Are Damaging: How Language Regulates Non-binary People." The Emergence of Trans: Essays on Politics, Culture, and Everyday Life, edited by I. Moon, R., Pearce, K. Gupta, and D.L. Steinberg. London, UK: Routledge.

Lamont, Ellen, Teresa Roach, and Sope Kahn. 2018. "Navigating Campus Hookup Culture: LGBTQ Students and College Hookups".  Sociological Forum 33(4)

Lamont, Ellen. 2017. "'We Can Write the Script Ourselves':  Queer Challenges to Heteronormative Dating and Courtship Practices."  Gender & Society 31(5): 624-646.

Lamont, Ellen. 2015.  "The Limited Construction of an Eqalitarian Masculinity: College-Educated Men's Dating and Relationship Narratives". Men & Masculinities 18(3): 271-292.

Lamont, Ellen, 2014. "Negotiating Courtship: Reconciling Egalitarian Ideals with Traditional Gender Norms".  Gender & Society 28(2): 189-211.

Title: Associate Professor, Honors Coordinator
Department: Department of Sociology

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-7658

Office address
204C Chapell Wilson Hall


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