Congrats to our May 2021 Graduates and Award Winners!

The Department of Sociology would like to recognize and congratulate all of our graduating seniors, award and scholarship winners, and successful thesis defenses. First off, congratulations to the over 20 senior sociology majors who graduated this month. Many of these seniors look to new careers and graduate school as they leave Appalachian State University. To learn more about who graduated and their aspirations, check out this video saying farewell.

We would also like to recognize our sociology majors who received awards. For 2021, sociology majors Hank Coutu, Ashley Kvanig, and Isi Patterson were recognized as outstanding seniors. These awards note the students' academic excellence and their commitment to the discipline of sociology through research and service-learning. Hank will finish up his degree in sociology this coming fall and Ashley is off to a new career after graduation. Isi will be attending graduate school at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. Way to go, and thank you for your continued dedication to sociology! 

Next, we would like to recognize our scholarship recipients. Each year, Sociology has two internal scholarships to support student excellence. These include the Albert and Maxine Hughes and Dr. Janice Rienerth scholarships. For the 2020-21 Hughes scholarship, sociology major, Tatum Schwartz, was selected. Tatum is a Bachelor of Science sociology major with a concentration in Family and Initmate Relationships with a minor in Dance. For the 2020-21 Rienerth scholarship, two students were selected. The first selected winner is Sophie Manning, who is earning a Bachelor of Science sociology major in Criminology, Deviance, and Law with a minor in English. Then second winner is Allison Costner who is earning a Bachelor Science sociology major in Social Inequalities with a minor in Sustainable Development. Congrats to all the scholarship winners. 

Finally, we would like to congratulate graduating sociology senior Eun Perry for her successful department honors thesis defense. Eun's research titled, "Varying Impacts of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities by County Socioeconomic Indicators,." examined the treatment of long-term care residents during COVID-19 across North Carolina.  Eun was able to work with several sociology professors to complete this research including Drs. David Russell, Beth Davison, and Ellen Lamont. Congrats on your successful research!

Graduation ceremony
Published: May 19, 2021 12:13pm