Department Vision and Mission Statements

Department Vision Statement

The Department of Sociology aspires to provide its students with academic programs and experiential learning opportunities that will develop their understanding of sociology and its applicability in a variety of social settings. In addition to strong disciplinary knowledge, we desire to impart interdisciplinary awareness and community engagement among our students. We also endeavor to integrate the department's mission of teaching with the pursuit of scholarship and service activities by our faculty and students from local to global contexts. In addition, we strive for a stimulating, inclusive, and healthy work environment where the rights of faculty, staff, and students are respected, where their contributions are fairly recognized, and where resources are sufficient for their needs. Overall, we seek to maintain the highest degree of professionalism in educating and mentoring our students as we prepare them for their future careers and lives as active citizens.

Revised 02-27-15

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Sociology is to create a learning environment that promotes a scientific understanding of social life. Through teaching, scholarship, and service, the Department of Sociology provides educational experiences that encourage students to think sociologically about the significance of social structures and processes, multicultural perspectives, and emerging interdependencies among members of the global community.

Through a variety of major concentration options, both for undergraduate and graduate students, and both on campus and online, we provide our students with academic programs and varied practical experiences that enhance their understanding and application of sociology and the sociological imagination. The curriculum foci range from local to global, and include recognition and study of the unique social, cultural, and historical features of our geographic region.

We encourage and support both basic and applied scholarship by faculty, especially in publishing and presenting scholarly works, and in other activities that enhance professional competence. We endorse research collaboration with our students.

We encourage and support faculty participation in service to the university, professional organizations, and local to global communities.

As part of a liberal arts education, the Department of Sociology encourages the development of critical thinking, effective communication, responsibilities of community membership, and other transferable skills as part of career preparation.

By modeling intellectual curiosity and the resulting acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, cultivating intercultural competence as part of an overall spirit of inclusion, and engaging ourselves from local to global levels, we endeavor both to become, and help students become, informed and contributing members of society, committed to creating, maintaining and enhancing healthy, just, and sustainable social structures from micro to macro levels.

Approved 02-27-15