Department Vision and Mission Statements

Department Vision Statement

The Department of Sociology aspires to continue and to further enhance, our presence within the University, the discipline, and local and global communities.  By developing and providing a curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant to a variety of social settings and issues, we hope to attract more of the best and brightest students as we prepare them for their future careers and lives as engaged citizens.  We will continue to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and service activities by our faculty, both in local and broader contexts.  We will strive to maintain a vibrant and inclusive environment where faculty, staff, and students are respected and where their contributions are fairly recognized.


Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Sociology is to promote scientific understandings of social life through teaching, scholarship, and service.   By providing rigorous training in disciplinary methods and theories, coupled with a diversity of substantive concentrations and educational experiences, we develop robust sociological imaginations and critical thinking in our students.  By encouraging and supporting scholarly research and activities by our faculty, we further the development of sociological knowledge and its application to important social issues.  Through a variety of service activities at the local, regional and national levels, we model for our students and others the importance of responsible community engagement.

Approved 2/21/2018

Department Goals

Goal 1:            Use clear, systematic, and fair criteria for personnel decisions, evaluations and reviews, and salary recommendations

Goal 2:            Pursue fair and adequate salaries appropriate to rank, years of service and performance.

Goal 3:            Maintain instructional staffing at a level sufficient to continue a quality instructional program within the department.

Goal 4:            Increase the diversity of faculty and students.

Goal 5:            Promote and enhance professional development opportunities for department faculty, staff and students.

Goal 6:            Maintain quality Undergraduate Programs in Sociology.

Goal 7:            Improve the number and quality of undergraduate majors in the department. 

Goal 8:            Maintain a quality Graduate Certificate Program in Sociology.

Goal 9:            Maintain a quality Graduate Certificate Program in Aging, Health, and Society.

Goal 10:          Raise the profile of the department within the university.

Goal 11:          Continue to emphasize and recognize the value of teaching.

Goal 12:          Continue to emphasize and recognize the value of scholarship.

Goal 13:          Continue to emphasize and recognize the value of service.

Approved 4/16/2018