B.S. Degree in Sociology: Families and Intimate Relationships Concentration

About the Families and Intimate Relationships Concentration

This concentrations focuses on people in groups, with particular emphasis on the family as a group. The family is considered one of the most important of all groups and is looked at from a variety of theoretical perspectives in this program. The influences of the larger society and social trends on the family are also considered.

Students in this concentrations learn good people skills, writing and communication skills and practical application of theory. These skills are useful in a wide range of jobs: business, teaching and government in particular.

Entry-level jobs might include public sector jobs, teaching, business, personnel work, public relations, and agency work in both public and private agencies. Specifically, this could include gerontology, adoption agencies, home health care coordination, city planning, industry research and training on topics like work/family conflict, and employee relations. This might also include child advocacy, family planning, conflict resolution, work with troubled youth and families and child development programs.

Some graduates of this concentration go into graduate programs in Sociology, counseling, family law, medicine, political sciences, and criminal justice.