Undergraduate Internship Information

Internships are a degree requirement for the Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and an opportunity for students to experience the wide variety of careers associated with a sociology degree. It is also a great opportunity to see how sociology works in the “real world,” clarifying and often challenging the social structures, forms of inequality, and social problems that affect people locally and globally.

Before beginning an internship that will earn credit toward the B.S in Sociology, students

  •  Be a declared Sociology major
  •  Have senior standing (90 credit hours overall)
  •  Complete at least 18 hours in Sociology courses
  •  Have an overall and major GPA of at least 2.0
  •  Successfully complete SOC 4390: Applied Sociology Seminar with a grade "C" or higher
  •  Submit an Internship Proposal to the Internship Coordinator and receive approval from the Internship Proposal Committee

All students must submit an internship proposal and have it approved by the Internship Proposal Committee prior to beginning the internship. This process helps students select an internship that best fits their sociological knowledge and skills and provides better faculty oversight to make sure students get the most out of their experience. Students who have met all of the qualifications listed above should contact the Department of Sociology’s Internship Coordinator, Dr. Joseph Jakubek, to get access to the Internship Proposal form for submission to the Internship Committee for approval. 

For more information on planning an internship, finding organizations to work with, and/or submitting an Internship Proposal, contact the Internship Coordinator for the Department of Sociology, Dr. Joseph Jakubek, by email or phone 828-262-7730.