Undergraduate Internship Information

If you are earning a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Sociology, then you are required to complete an internship before graduating. This particular requirement is a perfect opportunity for you to experience the types of careers associated with a sociology degree. It is also a great opportunity to see how sociology works in the “real world,” challenging the social problems and forms of inequality that affect people locally and globally.

All students who need to complete an internship must submit an internship proposal and have it approved by the Department Internship Proposal Committee prior to beginning the internship. This process helps students select an internship that best fits their sociological knowledge and skills and provides better faculty oversight to make sure students get the most out of their experience. While this requirement may seem daunting, the Department of Sociology has developed guidelines and procedures to make selecting and completing your internship experience as painless as possible.

The Department has an Internship Proposal Committee of faculty members that will assist you in making your internship decisions as well as an Internship Coordinator, Dr. Joseph Jakubek, who will assist you in building your internship proposal and supervise you in completing your internship position. The Department will announce the deadlines for submitting internship proposals each semester via the Sociology student list-serv and through your academic advisors.

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You can also contact Dr. Joseph Jakubek, Sociology Internship Coordinator, by email or phone 828-262-7730 if you have any questions or concerns.