Individually-Designed Concentration (Requires Department Approval)

Guidelines for Individualized Concentration

1. A student may come from the general college or be a current or transfer student. 

  • General College or transfer students will come to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Current students will work with their individual advisors to begin the process.

2. The student must present a proposal to the director of undergraduate studies. The proposal must include:

  • A title for the concentration
  • A rationale for the concentration – why this should be a sociology degree, the student’s career goals and why his/her goal can only be met through this concentration.
  • A list of 10 courses which would make up the concentration including a sentence for the rationale for each course. These courses must come from a variety of departments in order to be interdisciplinary.

3. The director of undergraduate studies will review the proposal and will refer it to the curriculum committee for review. 

4. The director of undergraduate studies will confer with the student based on curriculum committee recommendations and the student will decide whether to accept the concentration as revised or submit a counterproposal. 

5. The accepted proposal will be returned to the advisor if the student is a current major. 

  • The advisor will complete the necessary paperwork. The listing of the 10 courses that will be in the concentration will be sent to the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies will do the necessary paperwork if this is a new or transfer student.

6. A current major will remain with his/her original advisor. 

  • The advisor will review the Individualized concentration form with the student.
  • If new, the student will be assigned an advisor who will review the form.