Graduate Certificate in Sociology

Graduate Certificate in Sociology

Department of Sociology
College of Arts and Sciences

 The Graduate Certificate in Sociology is designed to provide a solid post-baccalaureate foundation in Sociology.  The six-course curriculum provides graduate-level training for those students who have a Master’s degree in another field but may plan on teaching some of the most common sociology courses offered at the undergraduate level (Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Sociology of the Family, and Social Inequality). It also provides training in Sociological Theory and Research Methods, which will not only aid in teaching but also provide foundational knowledge for further graduate study in sociology.  Overall, the 18 credit hours earned will typically qualify Certificate recipients who also hold a master's degree in another field to teach sociology courses at most colleges and universities nationwide.

The Graduate Certificate in Sociology is 100% on-line and asynchronous, so students can schedule coursework and assignments around their job, family and other obligations. There is no requirement to be logged on at a particular day or time, nor is there any requirement to come to the main campus.

By taking two courses per semester (Summer, Fall and Spring), the Graduate Certificate in Sociology can be completed in one calendar year. The program is cohort based, each cohort commencing in the Summer term.  Some students may be admitted in the Fall as well.

For more information on this program, contact

David Russell

Sociology Graduate Program Director

Phone: 828-262-6391