What You Can Do with a Degree in Sociology?

When it comes to entering the work world, sociological insights will be very valuable. One can apply sociological concepts and principles in any work environment, both conceptually and methodologically. The sociological perspective provides a unique way of looking at how society works and the intricate interrelationships between individuals and society. Sociology utilizes theories and concepts that help people understand communities, organizations, bureaucracies, families, and small groups.

In 2012, the American Sociological Association conducted a national study using a representative sample of sociology undergraduates to find out what skills and careers graduates obtained. Sociology students from Appalachian State University participated in this project and here is a link to the study: Jobs, Careers & Sociological Skills

While there a number of skills and careers available to sociology graduates, it is ultimately up to you to hone your skills while at college. However, when defining skills after graduation to potential employers, remember that quality is more important than quantity. Do not spend time worrying about whether your skills are varied enough. Effectively highlight those you have. It is worthwhile to be inventive in describing your skills, but never misrepresent yourself. Above all, do not leave it up to prospective employers to define the virtues of a sociology background. Tell them in detail, by clearly spelling out your skills and knowledge areas. For example, if you have taken courses in Social Research Methods or participated in research projects, you can state that you have acquired analytical skills as a result.

For help in defining your skills, developing a resume and writing cover letters, use the resources available to you at the ASU's Career Development Center who can help you prepare to go on the job market. You may also want to check out Peer Career which can helps students prepare and make decisions about major and career choices. 

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See a list of possible job titles for B.A./B.S. Sociology degree recipients

Skills for the Job Market

Undergraduate and graduate training in sociology is excellent preparation for careers in business and human services. Sociology majors who enter the business world work in sales, marketing, customer relations, and human resources. Those who enter human services work with youths at risk, the elderly, or people experiencing problems related to poverty, substance abuse or the criminal justice system. In today's information society, the solid base of knowledge received in research design, data analysis, statistics, and sociological concepts also enables sociology graduates to compete for positions in research, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

Interviews conducted by the American Sociological Association (ASA) with several major corporations and small businesses confirm that employers look for these skills when they screen entry-level candidates. Many of these are skills that sociology graduates should have acquired.