Student Handbook and Advising

Student Handbook

The Sociology department now provides a Student Handbook for majors. The handbook provides a summary of information on the department website (scholarships, research assistantships, basic advising information, etc.) as well as university academic policies and links to campus resources available to students.   While the majority of information in this document is applicable to all sociology majors, some information is specific to the 2022-2023 catalog year. Therefore, it is vital students seek information about their specific catalog year and program of study, and consult with their advisor, before making curricular decisions. Students may also seek assistance from the Undergraduate Programs Director, Dr. Page (

Faculty Advising

The College of Arts and Sciences requires all students be advised as they pursue their program of study at ASU. The Department of Sociology assigns every student majoring in Sociology a faculty advisor. Responsibilities of the faculty advisor include: meeting with students to discuss course requirements and progress toward the degree; providing information necessary for course registration; and addressing issues pertaining to the student's program of study. Overall, it is the faculty advisor's role to provide the student with advice and information regarding University and departmental academic requirements. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student, however, for understanding and completing all requirements necessary for degree completion.

If you have not received a faculty advisor or do not know who they are, please contact  the Office Manager Jennifer Coffey or the Department Chair, Dr. Cameron Lippard for further assistance. If you should have specific questions or concerns relating to your General Education requirements, then you can contact this office directly or go to their website: General Education Advising. Finally, if you would like to speak to the College of Arts and Sciences about college-level concerns like graduation audits or changing your major, then contact them directly or use this website for further information: Undergraduate Academic Services.

Faculty Mentoring

While meeting with the faculty advisor before registering for classes is necessary, sociology majors also have the option of working with a faculty mentor from the department. The relationship between faculty mentors and students is typically multidimensional and may entail advice regarding career development, graduate school, University life, and other issues. The mentor-student relationship may also entail intellectual development in terms of a specific substantive area in sociology, involvement in research projects, and so on.

If you are interested in speaking with a faculty member, please go to the Faculty and Staff page where you can learn about faculty research interests and specialities. This page also includes contact information.

Please note: working with a faculty mentor is voluntary and requires the consent of both the faculty member and the student.