Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Cameron Lippard

Heritage or Hate?: The Confederate Battle Flag in the 21st Century
Oct 26, 2015

With the recent shooting deaths of 9 African Americans in Charleston, citizens against racism rallied once again to take down the Confederate

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Ed Rosenberg

Excellence in Research: Dr. Ed Rosenberg Receives International Recognition
Sep 21, 2015

Research by ASU Gerontology Director Dr. Ed Rosenberg and two Thai colleagues, Dr. Pornchai Jullamate (Burapha University) and Dr.

Faculty Spotlight
Jonelle Husain

Welcoming New Faculty! Dr. Jonelle Husain
Aug 11, 2015

Dr. Jonelle Husain joins the App State Sociology faculty as a full-time lecturer.  Jonelle earned her Ph.D.

Faculty Spotlight
Robert Perdue

Welcoming New Faculty! Dr. Robert Perdue
Aug 9, 2015

Dr. Robert Perdue joins the App State Sociology faculty as an assistant professor. 

Faculty Spotlight

Welcoming New Faculty! Dr. Teresa Roach
Aug 7, 2015

Dr. Teresa Roach joins the App State Sociology faculty as a full-time lecturer.

Faculty Spotlight

Welcoming New Faculty! Dr. Kelly Thames
Aug 6, 2015

Dr. Kelly M. Thames joins the App State sociology faculty this year as an assistant professor. She holds a Ph.D.

Faculty Spotlight